Two of Benelli’s new line-up of LAMS-approved bikes have won high praise from motorcycle testers and writers in annual motorcycle-of-the year awards.

Recognition of the quality and rideability of the Benelli Twins comes as the company expands its mid-capacity range, including the naked bike Leoncino and Leoncino Trail and the TRK 502 and TRK 502X adventure touring bikes.

The TRK 502 is the biggest-selling bike in the Benelli brand’s traditional Italian homeland and recently won the Bikesales Bike of the Year (Best LAMS Adventure Sport) award.

The increasingly-popular Leoncino was runner-up in the AMCN Motorcycle of the Year awards – second only to the exotic Ducati Panigale V4 S! Leoncino was the only LAMS bike amongst the eight finalists and was voted best bike outright by two of the AMCN test riders.


Testers praised the Leoncino for its style, fit and finish and rideability:

“At its heart is a willing 500cc engine with four valves per cylinder…”

“The chassis is lovely – and even though it’s the least expensive bike here, it’s got adjustable suspension.”

“Its fit and finish is top quality…”

“…there was a real chance that the Leoncino could become the first learner-legal bike to claim the AMCN MoTY trophy.”

“Fun is what got the Benelli over the line. After chasing all the front runners up Jamberoo Pass, riding all over their tail lights, I realised this is a bike that is lacking in nothing.”

“…considering the bargain sub-$8k price, it’s brilliant!”

(Leoncino is $8990.00 ride away; Leoncino Trail is $9590.00 ride away.)

The awards follow a year of extensive online and print media coverage of the Benelli line-up with overwhelmingly positive reviews on the TRK and Leoncino bikes and the Honda Grom-beating, five-speed pocket-rocket TNT 125.

See and ride the Benelli TRK 502 and TRK 502X, Leoncino and Leoncino Trail and the TNT 125 at Benelli Melbourne – click here, if you’d like to book a appointment.